How to Harness the Power of a Coaching Mindset to Build More Effective Leaders at Your Organization

Today's leaders face a future of challenges exponentially more complex and chaotic than the past. Overcoming these challenges will require leaders to engage and empower their employees to unleash energy and innovation. And, it will require leaders to assume a new role — that of coach.

Coaching is an essential leadership competency. Employees whose leaders use coaching skills are more engaged, work harder, and deliver better results.

Unfortunately, few leaders have the skills to coach their employees. And, even though a recent survey found that 73% of organizations plan to train their leaders to use coaching skills, most of these training efforts will ultimately fail to make an impact. Why? Because most companies are using the wrong tools.


Leaders Need the Right Tools to Develop Coaching Skills 

Increasingly, coaching is becoming integral to the fabric of a learning culture—a skill that good managers at all levels need to develop and deploy.

With the right tools and support, a sound method, and lots of practice and feedback, almost anybody can become a better coach.

Harvard Business Review, 2019

The Coaching Mindset Index® (CMI) is a science-based assessment designed to help business leaders build coaching skills. Designed specifically for business leaders, the CMI combines a powerful assessment and actionable, easy-to-understand advice to help leaders build coaching skills and achieve outstanding results.

See how you can use the CMI to empower leaders with coaching skills at your organization. Download the free whitepaper today!

Learn how to empower leaders at your organization with coaching skills! Complete the following form to download the free whitepaper:

Learn how to empower leaders with coaching skills at your organization! Complete the following form to download this free resource:

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