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AIIR’s executive coaching practices are unparalleled in the industry. What sets us apart?

Our Coaches

The senior executive coaches that make up the AIIR Global Coaching Alliance possess a unique combination of business experience and expertise in advanced business psychology. And, they participate monthly in a collaborative supervision group to maximize quality and continuous learning.


The AIIR Method (Assessment, Insight, Implementation, Reinforcement) gives our coaches a systematic, four-stage approach to assessing personality and measuring results that has been tested and proven over hundreds of thousands of coaching engagements.


Our coaching is data-driven. At every phase of a coaching engagement, we measure the business impact of our coaching through a combination of quantitative and qualitative data points and provide concrete evidence of ROI.


Our proprietary coaching platforms, Assessment Zone, Coaching Zone, and Enterprise Coaching Manager® (ECM) extend the engagement and maximize the impact of coaching for participants while allowing talent leaders to monitor the engagement and understand progress every step of the way.

Watch the video below to hear members of the AIIR Global Coaching Alliance share their experience coaching with AIIR.

Ready to learn more about what AIIR’s executive coaches can do for your organization?

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