Launched in 2016, the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative (WiN) seeks to build better business through brain science. Neuroscience has begun to uncover the fundamental mechanisms that drive human behavior. WiN leverages the unmatched intellectual and technological resources across The Wharton School and The University of Pennsylvania to translate advances in our understanding of the human mind to improve business, drive new discoveries and applications, and enhance the education of future leaders at the nexus of business and brain science.
GetFive provides high-touch outplacement, career transition and executive development solutions that drive human capital ROI. Our outplacement solutions guarantee unmatched one-to-one coaching hours and make a science of getting back to work. Our targeted executive coaching programs focus on the development areas your employees need most to maximize professional potential. Known for our fanatical dedication to client satisfaction, we offer customized, scalable solutions for every employment level and stage. Visit us at getfive.com to schedule a complimentary strategy session and to find out how our programs can benefit your employer brand ROI.
Since 1999, Ei World has been a recognized leader in the field of emotional intelligence, one of the first companies entirely focused on emotional intelligence research, development and evaluation. Founded by Geetu Bharwaney, Ei World specializes in building coaching and development solutions interventions aimed at high performance. Over the last 14 years, Ei World has served clients across 37 countries and a wide range of sectors with a range of programs, assessments, and accreditation training in leading Ei tools.
AIIR Consulting has formed a strategic partnership with Ei World to offer a full range of emotional intelligence services and interventions including individual emotional intelligence assessments, executive coaching based on emotional intelligence and team emotional intelligence assessments and interventions. The partnership offers the combined strengths of AIIR Consulting’s innovative business psychology solutions and coaching expertise with Ei World’s 14 years of experience delivering transformational programs based on emotional intelligence in the commercial, educational, and not-for-profit sectors.
Gryd is a cloud-based career app that can easily be accessed from any device and configured for use within an organization. It is a simple and intuitive navigation tool that provides employees with clarity on where their own role stands with respect to other potential roles within the organization, along with resources to shape different career moves. Gryd provides much-needed transparency and clarity on career options that employees are always seeking and significantly helps improve retention of employees. For the employee, it is an easy to use tool that they can use for personal growth and development. as well as to seek out newer roles. For the organization it is a powerful business tool that is a great repository of skills and competencies within the organization, defined by role and level.