Lilian Abrams, Ph.D, MBA
Executive Presence | Cross-Cultural Leadership
Nataliya Adelson, PhD
C-Suite Advisory | Intercultural Communications
David Andrews, M.ED
Government | Emotional Intelligence
Dana Asher, PhD
Emotional Intelligence | Women & Leadership
Rachel Benyola, MBA, M.S.
Entrepreneurship | Executive Presence
Sherry Bisaillon
Leader in Transition | Change Management
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Geetu Bharwaney, DSc
C-Suite Advisory | Emotional Intelligence
BIO >     |   VIDEO >
Gary Bond
Team Effectiveness | Transformational Change
Alvaro Burgos
Executive Facilitation | Diversity & Inclusion
Bernadette Cabrera, MBA
Strategic Thinking | Change Management
BIO >     |   VIDEO >
Cecilia Carter, MBA
Executive Presence | Diversity & Inclusion
Manuelle Charbonneau, PhD
Emotional Intelligence | Change Management
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Dawn Cone, PhD
Emotional Intelligence | Leader in Transition
Paul Curci
Emotional Intelligence | Team Effectiveness
Charlie D’Amico
Career Development | Team Effectiveness
Monique Daigneault, MS
Executive Influence | Leader in Transition
Catarina R. Dolsten, MD
Strategic Thinking | Women & Leadership
Charles Dormer, MSOD, MPHIL
Strategic Thinking | Executive Presence
David Ehrmann
Team Effectiveness | Leader in Transition
Ron Ettinger
Change Management | Organizational Development
Taylor Flake
Career Development | Leaders in Transition
Xavier Hernandez, PhD
Organizational Development | Diversity & Inclusion
Lesley Hoare
Leader in Transition | Internal Coaching Strategy
Jay Fehnel, MBA
Executive Presence | Emotional Intelligence
Jonathan Flaks
Career Development | Financial Services
Harvey Floyd, M.A.
Government | Team Effectiveness
Mark Frederick, Ph.D.
Globalization | Team Effectiveness
Oya Günay
Financial Services | Globalization
Therese Heeg, M.S
Change Management | Team Effectiveness
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Jane Horan, PhD
Keynote Speaking | Emotional Intelligence
Emrah Ikiok
Leader in Transition | Intercultural Communications
Krish Iyer
C-Suite Advisory | Digital Leadership
Claire Jaffe, Psy.D
Emotional Intelligence | Communication Skills
Jeffrey Janowitz, Ph.D.
Team Effectiveness | Organizational Development
Marie-Jeanne Juilland
Executive Presence | Mindfulness
Brittany Joslyn, Ph.D.
Emotional Intelligence | Career Development
Rachel Kadosh, M.A.
C-Suite Advisory | Leadership Dynamics
Jeff Kaplan, MBA, PsyD
Emotional Intelligence | Executive Presence
Liz Keever
Internal Coaching Strategy | Team Effectiveness
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Marsha King, PhD
Executive Presence | Team Effectiveness
Bob Kinnison
Strategic Thinking | Leader in Transition
Dr. Jonathan Kirschner
Executive Coach | Founder & CEO, AIIR Consulting
Danessa Knaupp
Executive Presence | Strategic Thinking
Marie Leithauser, MS, MBA
Pharmaceutical/BioTech | Research and Development
Katherine Lewis, MBA
Emotional Intelligence | Executive Presence
Thor Legvold, Psy.D
Intercultural Communication | Change Management
Cathie Murensky, PhD
Organizational Development | Executive Presence
Sue Negrey, MBA
Women & Leadership | Career Development
Sean Olson, M.A.
Change Management | Higher Education
Lynn Ellen Queen, MBA
Emotional Intelligence | Strategic Thinking
Ianna Raim, MBA
Women & Leadership | Entrepreneurship
Rajeev Raju
Executive Presence | Team Effectiveness
Jamie Ramsden, MBA
C-Suite Advisory | Strategic Thinking
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John Rogener, M.A.
Career Development | Financial Services
Robert C. Satterwhite, PhD
Succession Planning | Executive Assessment
Robin Schletter, M.A.
Team Effectiveness | C-Suite Advisory
Christopher Schmitt
Military & Veterans | Emotional Intelligence
Natalie Schürmann, MSc.
Emotional Intelligence | Leader in Transition
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Jamie Smith, Ph.D.
Organizational Development | Career Development
Brian Szepkouski, M.A.
Intercultural Communication | Executive Presence
Sarah Tennyson, MSc.
Executive Assessment | Team Effectiveness
Paul Thallner
Organizational Development | Emotional Intelligence
Jim Trunick
Key Note Speaking | Emotional Intelligence
Judy Wade, M.S.
Internal Coaching Strategy | Executive Presence
Kathryn Wankel, M.A.
Executive Presence | Team Effectiveness
Ren Wiebe, M.ED.
Executive Presence | Change Management
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Allie Wilkinson
Women in Leadership | Team Effectiveness
Dr. David Yudis, MBA
C-Suite Advisory | Executive Presence in the C-Suite
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