Interview with Stephanie Trotter, GlaxoSmithKline Executive Coach

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In 2010, GlaxoSmithKline created a global Coaching Centre of Excellence that standardized coaching throughout the organization by improving access, ensuring quality and efficiency, and creatively containing costs. Coaching at GSK has increased by 2,900 percent within the last half-decade and has been credited with an ROI of $66 million USD. In 2016, GSK won the International Coach Federation Prism Award for excellence in executive coaching.

AIIR Consulting’s Director of Research and Innovation, Chris Cotteta, recently sat down with Stephanie Trotter, GSK Executive Coach, to discuss the key to creating and cultivating a successful internal executive coaching strategy. Stephanie provided insights into GSK’s best practices and advice to those currently developing an internal coaching practice. View the interview below and click here to see a case study on the initiatives GSK has implemented to create an organization-wide coaching culture.