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Trust scandal and the decline of team culture

Scandal, Mistrust and Declining Team Culture

By AIIR Consulting • March 10, 2018

Scandal, Mistrust and Declining Team Culture We are witness to a massive shift in the business landscape. Once characterized by an impenetrable culture of fear and compliance, the walls that surrounded the entertainment and mass media industry, as well as the careers and reputations of some of its most prominent leaders, are crumbling under allegations of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, this type of toxic culture and the allegations of inappropriate behavior it breeds is not limited to the media. Dozens of high-power individuals in public office and industries ranging from tech to finance have stepped down or been removed from their...

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Coach Spotlight: AIIR CEO Jonathan Kirschner, Psy.D.

AIIR CEO Receives SCP Award for Early Career Innovation

By AIIR Consulting • February 16, 2018

AIIR is pleased to announce that the American Psychological Association’s Society of Consulting Psychology recently honored AIIR Consulting CEO Jonathan Kirschner, Psy.D., with the 2018 SCP Award for Early Career Innovation in Consulting Psychology. He was presented the award at the SCP MidWinter Conference, February 8-11, in Savannah, GA. The SCP Award for Early Career Innovation in Consulting Psychology is a distinction reserved for consulting psychologists whose work early in their careers is significantly impactful. It recognizes innovation in practice or research that has a clear impact on an organization or organizations. It also recognizes work that has a notable...

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Megan Danowski promoted to Vice President of Operations

By AIIR Consulting • January 22, 2018

AIIR Consulting, LLC, a leading global business psychology consultancy, today announced that Megan Danowski has been promoted to Vice President of Operations. In her new role, Danowski will lead the AIIR Operations team, and will be critical to facilitating the continuation of AIIR’s growth story. She will report to AIIR’s CEO, Dr. Jonathan Kirschner. Based at AIIR Consulting’s corporate headquarters in Philadelphia, Danowski brings more than a decade of global leadership experience in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors to her new role. In her previous role at AIIR, Danowski was responsible for overseeing operations of its Global Coaching Network. She...

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AIIR Global Coaching Study: The 5 Ways Coaching Must Change to Stay Relevant In 2018

By Jonathan Kirschner • January 2, 2018

AIIR Global Coaching Study: The 5 Ways Coaching Must Change to Stay Relevant In 2018 The coaching industry has experienced an explosion over the past several years. There are more than 53,300 professional coach practitioners worldwide generating nearly $2.4 billion in revenue (a 19% increase since 2011). Now, the burgeoning coaching industry finds itself at a critical moment where it must adapt to stay relevant. Leapfrog advances in technology, an unpredictable geopolitical landscape, and the increasing influence of younger generations in the workplace have significant implications for the future of coaching. To understand the ways in which the coaching industry...

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AIIR to Sponsor Consulting Psychology Conference in Savannah, GA

By Chris Cotteta • December 19, 2017

December 19, 2017   AIIR Consulting is pleased to announce its silver sponsorship for the Society of Consulting Psychology (Division 13) Consulting Psychology Conference on February 8-11 in Savannah, Georgia. The conference’s primary objective is to bring together scholars, practitioners, and leaders to present research, share techniques, and facilitate interactive discussion around the conference theme Defying Gravity: Creating Synergy During Unpredictable Times. Conference attendees will experience inspiring keynotes from renowned experts, interactive workshops blending cutting-edge theory with practical strategies, frequent networking opportunities, and plenty of fun both at the conference (from fireside chats to the annual jam session) and in...

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AIIR Discovery

By Jonathan Kirschner • August 16, 2017

AIIR Discovery Supervision 

Leadership in a Complex World

By Jonathan Kirschner • July 5, 2017

Increasingly the role of a leader has become more complex as they manage internal and external resources and develop new skills and behaviors. Twenty years ago or so, I wrote a thesis on the “critical success factors involved in strategic alliances” using pharmaceutical research and development as the example. At that time I identified, through interviewing people involved in such alliances, many factors that were critical to success that stood in the way. I categorized these factors as task-related (hardware) and relationship-based (software) elements.