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The Coaching Mindset Index was developed from our passion for helping leaders evolve and better contribute to their organizations. Too often, leadership training programs, whether focused on coaching or otherwise, fail to create lasting behavioral change. We created the CMI a simple, memorable, and effective framework for guiding leadership coaching practice. The CMI is meant to create understanding, first and foremost, and to provide the foundation for further development. Through the CMI, AIIR Consulting is using our experience and expertise in Executive Coaching to help organizations develop their coaching cultures. 

Jonathan Kirshner, Psy.D

Dr. Jonathan Kirschner is the Founder and CEO of AIIR Consulting. In 2009, Dr. Kirschner developed a business psychology coaching framework for achieving sustained behavioral change called the AIIR® method. He has also developed AIIR Consulting’s coaching technology platforms.

Christopher Cotteta

Chris Cotteta is a leadership development specialist dedicated to creating new products and services, customizing solutions according to client needs, and fostering a culture of learning within AIIR. He has been instrumental in developing AIIR’s Team Effectiveness and the Coaching Mindset Index.

Jennifer Hall, Ph.D

Jennifer Hall, Ph.D. is an executive coach, leadership speaker, clinical psychologist, and passionate advocate for the transformative power of coaching.

Mark H. Davis, Ph.D

Mark Davis is a professor of Psychology at Eckerd College. He has helped create several other assessment instruments, including the Interpersonal Reactivity Index, the Conflict Dynamics Profile, and the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile.

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