Yes, we’re giddy about Oprah Winfrey and Seth Godin — but we’re most excited about these sessions on the future of talent development.

AIIR is pleased to be an exhibitor at the ATD 2019 International Conference & Exposition, May 19-22 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC!

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A standout conference in the industry, ATD 2019 promises to bring together some of the brightest minds in talent development, from the innovators shaping the industry to practitioners on the front lines.

With more than 400 speakers and 300 conference sessions, it can be easy for amazing sessions to slip under the radar. Here are 14 sessions that we’re excited to see:

Helping leaders thrive amid rapid change and disruption:

1. Accelerating the Future Workforce: Rapid Reskilling

  • Marek Hyla, Senior Learning Principal, Talent Development and Learning Warsaw Team Lead at Accenture sp. z o.o.
  • Grzegorz Plezia, Talent Development & Learning Manager at Accenture

Skill, un-skill, reskill! Organizations agile enough to rapidly reskill their workforce will be at the forefront of the race for business survival, where companies must adapt to digital and technological changes at breakneck speed. In this session, you will discover triggers of reskilling opportunities, explore an organizational model for accelerating rapid reskilling, and spark the reimagining of the future workforce skill set using design thinking methods.

2. The Key to Thriving Amidst Change

  • Lisa Dahmus, Director, Leadership Development at Honeywell

Rapid change is a hallmark of today’s business environment. Reorganizations are one of many disruptions that threaten the status quo and generate stress. This session will describe how resilience enables individuals and teams to thrive amidst uncertainty. Next, strategies for building personal resilience will be discussed. Finally, three practices for building resilience through coaching and learning programs will be outlined and applied to a case.

3. Agile Leadership: How to Identify and Develop Critical Skills for Today and Tomorrow

  • DeAnne Aussem, Managing Dir. & Founder, U.S. Leadership Coaching Center of Excellence at PwC
  • Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, Chairwoman and Chief Thought Leader at Herrmann

Join this session to learn best practices and results from the cutting edge Leadership Pathways program at one organization. You’ll learn about several of the organization’s talent strategies that focus on fast-tracking leadership development in ways that simultaneously identify and minimize the mental “blind spots” that can reduce the impact of promising future leaders. Walk away with tools and new ideas for your program.

Creating a coaching culture:

4. Six Key Leadership Skills to Create a Culture of Engagement

  • Marcia Mueller, VP, Global Leadership Development at IMPACT Group
  • John Samaan, SVP of HR at Millennium Trust

Effective leadership is crucial in today’s competitive employment market. This session shares six key leadership skills you can readily apply with your leaders to create a culture of engagement and growth. Hear an executive’s experience in influencing the organization to take a strategic approach to investing in developing leaders to support rapid business growth.

Innovative approaches to leadership development:

5. Challenge, Engage, Ignite: How to Leverage Blended Learning Solutions to Activate Talent and Drive

  • John Aquilino, Manager of Skills Gap Training & Services at DeVryWORKS
  • Elizabeth Thurman, Product Development Manager at DeVryWORKS

Explore the idea of talent activation (TA) and how it differs from traditional training. Define TA and how it integrates into talent acquisition, talent development, and skills gap training. Examine strategies to implement a TA program. Understand competing priorities in blended learning and select the best delivery method for various stages of the employee life cycle. Plus, discover new ways to bring learning experiences to employees at all stages.

6. Best Practice to Next Practice: Developing a Custom Leadership Development Curriculum

  • Brian O’Neill, Director of Learning & Organizational Development at Aimco

Learn how one organization worked with a vendor to create a custom leadership development training program that aligned directly to the five pillars of their corporate culture. Hear how they train three times as many people per year, while lowering the per-person cost 19 times. This is an innovative example of increasing the number of people you train, lowering the cost, and creating a common core of leadership skills throughout the organization.

Bringing innovation to old-school, high-touch coaching:

7. The Most Innovative Ways Trainers Use Face-to-Face Time

  • Patty Evans, Director, Corporate Training and eLearning at Yardi Systems Inc
  • Cathy Mongeau, Manager, Digital Learning Design at AbbVie
  • Jon Bergmann, Chief Academic Officer at Flipped Learning Global
  • Errol St.Clair Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Flipped Learning Global
  • Crystal Fernandes-Harris, Learning and Development Manager at Day Pitney LLP

Have you proactively moved away from using your face-to-face time for direct instruction and passive learning? Do you still struggle to devise more riveting and effective ways to use that time? Or maybe you didn’t think it was possible for face-to-face training time to be more than it is. Hear from four masters of innovative face-to-face practices as they share four ways face-to-face time is being reinvented by trainers on the leading edge.

Interesting sessions on the future of learning:

8. Disrupt and Add Value: VR Training on the Rise

  • Jay Fraser, VR Business Development at HP

In a study by the NTL, retention rates for lecture-style learning were 5 percent, reading rates were at 10 percent, and VR (virtual reality) rates were at 75 percent. VR works for training because it enables practice, and ultimately people learn by doing. Improve your bottom line by reducing training costs while improving productivity through more effective and scalable training. In this session, you’ll learn about VR training use cases and how companies are leveraging immersive tech to train.

9. Using Mobile to Reignite Experiential Learning

  • Dave Barone, VP Learning and Development, Comcast
  • Guy Sellwood, VP Americas, Prosell Learning

Experiential learning has always been a key part of effective development; however, the rush to publish knowledge has meant its value has been overlooked. Employees already use smart devices to assist their learning. The time has come for organizations to leverage it through technology in a structured manner and challenge those accountable for the performance of others to step up and provide constructive, engaging, and enabling feedback.

10. Jump-Start Your Microlearning Program

  • Adam Costakes, AVP Originations Training Manager at Caliber Home Loans
  • Dan Hirt, Instructional Designer at Morguard

Achieve success launching a microlearning video strategy across your organization. Hear real-life examples of setbacks and failures along the road to implementation. This session will look at how one small/medium-sized organization went from zero microlearning to making it a main training medium for employees. Explore topics that include the impetus to change, metrics, stakeholder socialization, and partnerships needed.

11. It’s Not Hype – It’s Happening: VR’s Impact on L&D

  • Heather Durtschi, Sr. Director, Learning- Content Design & Development at Walmart
  • Lou Tedrick, VP, Global Learning & Development at Verizon
  • Derek Belch, Founder and CEO at STRIVR

You have likely heard something about virtual reality or augmented reality (VR/AR) related to learning and training. But what exactly are these technologies and why is everyone talking about them? In this session, representatives from three companies will discuss why they have incorporated immersive technology into L&D and how they’ve done it. They will also share data and proof that VR/AR is having a significant impact on their bottom line.

12. Adaptive Technology: Artificial Intelligence Comes to Training

  • Justin Singh, SVP and Managing Director at McGraw-Hill Education
  • Kimberly Stephens, Director, Business Partnerships at McGraw-Hill Education

Imagine training that adapts in real time to each learner’s behavior and performance and their unique strengths, weaknesses, confidence, and engagement level. That’s adaptive learning. The technology uses artificial intelligence to optimize each learner’s experience, enabling mastery with confidence, speed to proficiency, and reduced training time.

13. Captivate Your Virtual Learners Through Dynamic Training Tools

  • LaVay Lauter, Director of Talent Development, Vice-President at R.W. Baird

How can you captivate virtual learner audiences? How can you ensure participants are transformed and adopting desired behaviors as a result of your teaching? This session will offer cutting-edge solutions to retain virtual learners. Grounded in adult learning theory, these best practices can be leveraged just-in-time, regardless of experience. Learn to apply each innovative step virtually, employing plug-and-play tools with minimal preparation.

Measuring ROI:

14. 5 Proven Methods to Measure the Impact of Training From 5 of the Biggest Companies in the United States

  • Danny Ryan, Director of Technical Training & Development at Autodesk
  • Tamera Scholz, Sr. Director, Technical Education at VMware
  • Elizabeth Pierce, Global Director of Learning + Development at Eventbrite
  • Caitlin Mann, Director, T&P Innovation & Learning at Salesforce
  • Kelby Zorgdrager, CEO & Founder at DevelopIntelligence

In this session, you’ll hear real-world strategies and data from five of the biggest companies in the world. Come to learn about each company’s proven methods for measuring the impact of training. You will also have the opportunity to engage with the experts and ask specific questions about their current training programs. 

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